Our SEAFLO water products are already making lives easier and communities healthier.  We offer home, irrigation and marine products.  

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Water Sports

water pumps

SEAFLO Water Pumps have been tested and have shown extreme reliability and quiet operation in the distribution of high pressure water to homes and RVs.  Their compact size and easy install process make them the most effective, efficient and affordable option for any home.  . 

Home Pumps

Our home series pumps vary in PSI, but rest assured that its on demand, quiet operation delivers the pressure needed in any home.  Multiple pumps can be installed for bigger homes. 


Pumps, filters and pressure washers are all you need to keep your boat or any marine equipment clean.  Of course, our line also includes toilets, switches, blowers and much more. 


The Solar Power deep well pumps are ideal filling water tanks and for irrigation, in areas where electricity is not available.  Their compact and reliable size make them ideal for any size of farm.


We stand behind our products and want to make sure that our Dealers are always covered.  Our goal is to establish long term relationships and not just make a sale. 

Submersible Pumps

Don’t let the small size fool you.  These pumps pack a pumps deliver with ease and power.  Like every SEAFLO pump, these pumps are fully tested and warrantied. By the way, these are solar powered!

Multiple Models Available

Models vary in PSI, heat resistence and voltage.  

Easy Install

The installation process is simple.  Our dealers will receive video instruction and diagrams, including all accessories.

Automatic & Quiet Operation

When any water outlet is turned on, that’s when the pump turns on. The simple four screw installation, if done properly will make the pump super quiet. Yes, that’s included too!

“These products are amazing!  Simple to install, and work seamlessly.”

Best product Presentation

SEAFLO products are fully tested, warrantied and if not enough, they look amazing!  These are not some rough looking, loud and bulking products.  These products are packaged professionally and operate better than expected.  

As a Dealer, you will be proud to display and offer SEAFLO products.  In addition, we will provide displays and marketing materials that can help your business thrive!



Other products

Please email us for a full catalog and learn about all the products we offer.  We make Water Work for You!

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We are now accepting Dealer applications in Latin America.  Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or an established business, we have the solution for you.  Not only will we provide top of the line products, we will provide training, marketing support and continued guidance through the entire process.  If you succeed, we succeed!

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